For some people building muscle or having good looking muscular body is very difficult, it is not easy im going to be honest with you but it is simple process if you put your mind to it, stay consistent and follow up with your workout and your diet.

Here are 7 steps on how to build muscle and gain muscle mass naturally.

building muscle

1- How to gain weight in a healthy way

In order to build your muscles fast naturally, you have to consume more calories than you burn, the body will only grow if you eat sufficient amount of high quality calories each day.

The body needs approximately 20 grams of calories per pound every day to increase your body weight and muscles. For each person works differently on how to put in the amount of calories inside the body throughout the day to see results. So you have to understand your body by doing a little experiment. For example, some people divide their daily intake into 3 large meals 2 snacks per day, others divide eat into smaller meals, so they will probably have 5-6 meals per day.

2- Good sources protein

Consuming sufficient amount of high quality protein is important to build muscle. The body needs approximately¬† 1 gram of protein per pound. So if you weigh 150 pounds you have to consume 150 grams of protein daily, and you should divide it within your meals, and check how many meals work for you, because every individual’s digestion differs from the other.

list protein foods

There are lots of protein sources, but it is very important to fuel your body with high quality protein every day, to maximize muscle growth. The best protein sources are (whey, eggs, steak, chicken breast, fish, milk).

For the people who are lactose intolerant, better to use lactose free protein shakes instead of dairy.

3- Good carbs foods – to gain muscle size

This will not work for the athletes that want to burn fat, in this case you have to reduce your carb, and increase protein intake to burn fat faster, but you have to consume more protein to maintain your muscle size, otherwise you will lose muscle.

For athletes who train consistently with high intensity levels, they definitely need sufficient amount of good carbs and some fat, because they need energy to lift heavy,

list carbohydrates foods

therefore, will result in gaining more muscle, increasing muscle size, and recovery.

Do not take carbohydrate from biscuits or sweets or cake, those are bad carbs, stick to good carbs such as whole meal pasta, brown rice, whole grain bread, oatmeal, sweet potato, and cereals with low sugar and low salt.

  • Low carb problem

When you consume low carbs (glucose) your body will start to convert protein and fat into glucose, and later you will lose energy to train heavy, and you will start losing muscle size if you continue for a long term. If you want to do this, you have to take a lot of high quality protein to cover the carb loss, but it will not give results as good as carbs do.

It is important to maintain your carb cycle, for example, every 3 months you can start a low carb diet for one month then go back to high carb diet again, in this way you can control your fat percentage in your body, and to prevent muscle breakdown and have better recovery and muscle gain.

4- Healthy fat foods

What the body needs are beneficial fats, called essential fatty acids, which is the good fat, we have to take it from food, body can not produce on its own.

The two essential fatty acids that you must consume are omega 3 and omega 6, which you can find it in fish, approximately you should consume 25 to 30 percent of fat from your diet.

Healthy fat such as (flaxseed oil, olive oil. Coconut oil, unsalted nut, oily fish list healthy fats like salmon, avocado, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanut butter) they are high in good quality calories and good for those who have trouble to gain weight, and for gaining muscle as well.

These kinds of fat gives you very good energy and power to work out in the gym and lift heavy.

5- Chronic stress effects body

Stress effects on muscle growth, cortisol hormone is released when you are in stress, and it will meltdown your muscles, and it will slow down the progress of building muscles. You should avoid stresses such as (Arguments, stress at work, missing meals, lack of sleep.. etc).

You have to get enough sleep, approximately 7 to 8 hours sleep, calm downyou should be calm as much as possible, there are so many exercises you can do to calm your mind, yoga, breathing exercises, meditating and so many others. 

6- Best way to build muscle mass

Don’t let those fitness models on the magazines make you feel insecure and hopeless because of how muscular or shredded they are. There is only one way to be as much bulky and shredded like them, which is to take”STERIODS”.

So anyway, now you know what kind of nutrients your body needs to build muscle, what is left is the basic and core exercises to build a good base to your muscles.

You should go heavy, big muscles equals big weights, but reasonably heavy, not too heavy to injure yourself permanently, you should increase your weights gradually.lifting heavy

Don’t go to machines directly, use free weights and compound exercises, such as (bench press, squat, deadlift, bent-over rows, chin ups, biceps curls), these are the basic real exercises to build solid muscles. After two to three weeks of training your full body, you can isolate the muscle groups, use the machines to hit other specific muscles in your body.

7- Should you do cardio everyday

If you want to build muscle (bulking season) it is not necessary to do cardio, because it will be useless, your target is to build muscle.

If you want you can add a few lessons in a month to exercise your heart, and heal your injuries, because cardio will increase blood circulation and as a result cardio definition will heal injuries such as joints, and muscle injuries.

It is better to do cardio post work out, because if you do pre-workout it will effect your performance on your weight lifting exercises.

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