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In this page I’m going to talk about what is a supplement, and explain you what is the best supplement for muscle gain and weight loss at the same time, and i will explain you the purpose of using each supplement in the simplest way.

What is the meaning of supplement?

The word ‘dietary supplement’, a product that you eat or drink to support your supplement store health, or muscle accordingto what purpose that you are pursuing. Supplements are not medicine, it is considered a substitute for food to supplement your body with enough nutrients and to fill the gaps in your diet.

Can anyone take supplements?

Supplements are sold in the stores without any Doctor prescription, some supplements may have side effects on people who have health problems for example diabetes..etc, so better to discuss first with your health care provider or with your doctor if you are having any kind of health problems, if you are thinking to take any kind of supplements.

Supplements to build muscle fast

You can build muscle without supplements, but it will take long time to reach to your goal, that’s why we have supplements, because no matter how healthy or how good you eat you will not have all the vitamins or nutrients that your body needs to build a good looking and good quality muscle.

There are many supplements in the market to build very high quality muscles according to your goal, but those are the 6 most essential and basic supplements the body needs to grow lean muscle, beside your healthy meal plan.

  •  Whey protein
  •  Branched-chain amino acid (BCAA)
  •  Creatine
  •  L-Glutamine
  •  Fish oil omega 3
  •  Multi vitamin

1- Whey protein powder benefits.

I always followed the formula which is very easy. For every pound of body weight you  need one gram of protein daily including your meals.

best whey protein powder

Whey protein is a very high quality protein containing essential amino acids, easy to digest and it has a very fast absorption compared to other kinds of protein, it helps to boost metabolism and burn more calories, and helps to maintain muscle mass.

Your maximum protein powder intake should be from 50 to 75 grams daily, but make sure to check the recommended dosage mentioned on the package, and if you have any health problems consult with your doctor first.

2- Branched chain amino acids benefits

Our body doesn’t produce BCAA, so we take it from food or supplements, BCAA is important for muscle growth. The body needs all the essential amino acids for the best results, usually people don’t count the grams of BCAA that they are taking, it is ok to take 15 to 20 grams daily, before and during the training.

best bcaa

BCAA decreases muscle soreness, and reduces muscle fatigue, as a result it prevents muscle wasting or breakdown. BCAA is a great supplement to take during your weight loss program, you will get faster results by helping you maintain muscle mass with having a proper diet program,

BCAA is great supplement to get the job done more effectively.

3- Creatine (Monohydrate) benefits

Creatine is the most effective supplement to increase muscle growth and size, also to increase lean body weight. Creatine gives strength and muscle endurance, fast recovery, and resistance to muscle fatigue. It  keeps you active during the exercise.creatine powder

It is safe to use as long as you are drinking up to 3.5 liters water daily, usually athletes consume creatine 3 to 5 grams daily, but this varies according to your diet, and better to read the recommended dosage to every brand that you are going to use.

Creatine is an effective supplement to lose body fat, because even if you are in a calorie deficit or not, creatine gives strength and endurance to keep you train harder, as a result it will maintain the muscle size while losing fat, and you will have higher muscle to fat ratio.

4- Glutamine benefits

Glutamine is also an amino acid, and the main purpose is to build blocks for proteins, also studies shows that glutamine aids to fat loss.

Glutamine is produced naturally in the body, and you can find it in foods such as (eggs, skimmed milk, beef, white rice, corn).

In terms of building muscle, glutamine improves muscle mass and strength, and decreases muscle soreness during and after your workout, as a result improves exercise performance.

Dosage should be taken from 3 to 6 grams according to your diet after the workout, although no negative side effects are reported for high dosage usage for long term, but it is safer to use for a shorter term, there are more studies going for long term use.

5- Fish oil omega 3 benefits

It is known that fish oil is good for gaining muscles, losing belly fat and prevents joint injuries.

Yes it is true, fish oil helps you to gain muscle if our body gets sufficient amount fish oil tablets of it, as a supplement you should consume maximum 3 grams daily, if you want to take more you should consult your doctor.

Fish oil benefits:

. Reduces heart diseases.

. Lowers cholesterol level.

. Reduces belly fat if it is combined with exercise and good diet

. Supports the level of serotonin hormone, and gives you good mood

. Muscle gain

. Reduces stiffness in your joint, improves blood flow and enhances your recovery

6- Multivitamin tablets benefits

Of course with clean diet we fuel up our body with nutrients vitamins, minerals from the real food we eat, but an active person who is serious about fitness should consider taking multivitamins for back up.multivitamin capsule

You get almost all kinds of vitamins minerals, all the essentials from multivitamins, and gives complete coverage when you’re not getting them from your diet.


So the bottom line is, there are many supplements out there to build very good body, but If anyone wants to look fitter and have good looking muscles, these are the basic supplements you will want to use.

Moses Isgenian

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